CMP Strategy

Earning Your CMP

Are you thinking of earning your CMP sometime in the next 5 years? Even vaguely thinking of it? Here is a step that will save you an amazing amount of time—a true strategic move!

Go to the Convention Industry Council Website and set up your CMP account. In the upper right hand corner, it will say “Log In”. Go to that page and if you do not have an account the instructions are there to create one.

If you think you have made an account anytime in the past, log into that one and update if necessary. If you are creating a new one make sure you know which email you used---that is how your Continuing Education clock hours “find you”. This will take you less than 5 minutes and save you potentially hours when you apply.

Why does matter? As you attend pre-approved education sessions such as monthly meetings, WEC, IMEX, and many webinars, the provider will supply your email address to CIC as having attended. CIC uploads the information directly into your account file---if you have one. Education hours are good for up to 5 years before you apply. You can track them on a regular basis to see where you stand with accumulating the 25 you need to apply.  If you do not have y our account set up, when you go to apply you must track down a description of the course, tie it to a Domain, upload that information with proof that you attended. I can tell you from experience of doing all of this for three recertifications, that it can be tough to find everything you did.


This applies to anyone recertifying also. To those who have not recertified since everything went online, set up your account now.  I recertified for my fourth time this year and it took me less than 15 minutes since I had set up my account a couple of years ago,

Joanne Dennison MSEd, CMP has taught classes for the CMP for 17 years from the East Coast of the US to Beijing, China and Bangkok, Thailand. Her next class in New England will be March 10-11,2017.