David Fox Interview

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MPINE: Has photography always been your passion?  Was it a hobby before you decided to do it professionally?

DF: Yes, photography has always been my passion. In the 7th grade, I discovered photography through my art teacher, Joe Zina. Years later he became a client when he was executive director of the Coolidge Corner theatre- I ended up photographing celebrities such as Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline for him, kind of like coming full circle. My first professional job was with the Swampscott Reporter – the town editor came to my high school to recruit some budding photographers, and I leapt at the chance. It was great training and experience, with access to a real darkroom, as I covered everything from fires and accidents to rock concerts and sports – it was photojournalism and it was also great training for event photography.

MPINE: How did you learn about MPI and become involved in the meeting and events industry? Can you describe your first experience going to an MPI event?

DF: I first learned about MPI in 2003 from an industry colleague. My company was evolving from a focus on consumer services like weddings, bar mitzvahs and family portraits, and expanding into the growing area of corporate and event photography. My first MPI experience was at NEMICE in 2003 and I hopped on board the industry train and never looked back! The mantra “Buy MPI” resonated and I knew right away that this was a special group that is not only professional but also supportive, encouraging and loyal to each other. MPI has always felt like family. I started photographing MPI’s meetings and events in 2003, and by 2005 I was covering every single monthly meeting and annual education conference, which my company has continued to do ever since. We have grown, and have a team of seasoned, professional photographers. Whenever there is a meeting on a date when I am personally under contract to be elsewhere, we always send one of our associates and make sure MPI’s photography needs are consistently taken care of so there is always a fresh, up to date set of meeting photos for the website. At every June meeting since 2005, we have also done the Board’s headshots to keep MPI’s website fully current. My wife/business partner, Greta, keeps it all organized. We were so proud to be presented with the Meeting Professional of the Year award in 2008! MPI has provided so much for us both professionally and personally, we are honored to have the ongoing opportunity to continue to give back in a meaningful way.

MPINE: You have had a lot of MPI success stories- can you share one of your favorites?

DF: There are so many, it’s difficult to single any one out! So I’ll randomly go for recent examples. Destination Partners, Inc. is a fantastic DMC, and they bring us in on a variety of events and projects. We’ve done more than one corporate event for them this year at Fenway Park, bringing our team on location, making candid photos to tell the stories of the events, as well as live photos of guests posing with Wally and Tessie, and making branded prints on site for people to take home. It’s great to be able to provide an array of services at an event. I wish you asked for dozens of success stories so we could highlight all of our MPI partners!

MPINE: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and some of your hobbies and interests?

DF: Well, I went to Emerson College and have a degree in film-making, as film is another of my passions, and it’s integrated into the video division of the business as well. To me, whether it’s a personal or professional project, shooting stills and/or video, it’s all about storytelling, capturing personalities and relationships. I have a number of ongoing personal projects related to my interest in fine art photography, and I’ve participated in several workshops with the Masters in this field over the years. Earlier this year, my work was exhibited as part of a group project at the Griffin Museum of Photography. I’ve also created a body of work, integrating professional portraiture and fine art technique, to tell the story of female and male breast cancer survivors, and help raise awareness and research funds in conjunction with the Art beCause Breast Cancer Foundation, and the series has been exhibited on many occasions. And, as everyone knows from the endless assortment of Disney pins that I always sport on my lapel, I’m a huge Disney enthusiast. I’m forever fascinated and inspired, not just by the movies, but by the art, innovation and business of Disney. Or maybe I’m just a big kid!