Taking Team-building to New Heights

At Corinthian Events, we strive to create teambuilding events that are specifically catered to each group, creating experiences tailored to each client. To do this, we first learn as much as we can about our clients’, their guests and their preferences. Next, we get to brainstorming and let the creative juices flow!

A recent client hosted a very adventurous and competitive group who were well versed in team building activities... they’d done it all! We made sure that not only were each of the teambuilding activities interactive and challenging, but each activity unique. We were up for the challenge. A point system was created to enable scoring at each station, thus encouraging their ambitious personalities to strive for success.

Guests were divided into 12 teams and rotated through 6 stations in the 5-hour time frame our client had allotted. To guarantee all teams competed at each station, our CE team created a minute by minute schedule, and provided staff at each station to ensure we stuck to this timing!

The 6 stations included:

  1. Lobster Banding Races
  2. Rock Climbing & Descending
  3. A High Ropes Course
  4. The Blender Bikes Smoothie Challenge
  5. Escape the Room
  6. Kayaking Relay Races with a twist

Lobster Banding Races

When visiting New England, we always recommend trying lobster, but this wasn’t how our clients usually experience lobster. Teams suited up in yellow fisherman rain suits, hauled lobster traps from the water, and banded their claws. The more banded claws – the higher the score. 


Rock Climbing & Descending

Guests were staying at a beautiful hotel on a cliff so we wanted to use the natural landscape as an activity if possible. There were a lot of safety precautions taken and even more insurance waivers signed, but once the details were secured – it was an amazing experience for guests! Check out the person climbing on the left, halfway up the cliff. There are orange markers above and below him, denoting points earned. The higher the climb – the more points!

A High Ropes Course

This day was full of challenges that elevated team building to new heights, especially at the high ropes course. Teams pursued a series of high flying stops and definitely rose to the occasion!  For those not so excited about the heights, the alternate activity of archery, let them show off their laser point accuracy.

The Blender Bikes Smoothie Challenge

Guests had to “ride bikes” at the next challenge, but these were not your average bikes! Each team has their very own Blender bike, powering a blender attached to the bike by pedal power.  Teams were given a variety of ingredients and then each team was sub-divided to create five smoothies. Once the smoothies were created, the other half of their team had to try and guess the ingredients. Team’s powered their way through this smoothie making challenge – blending custom creations and scoring lots of points!

Escape the Room

While the concepts for these challenges were out-of-the-box, this ‘Escape the Room’ challenge had teams locked inside a proverbial box. The way out was through a series of puzzles in a short amount of time. Points were earned for each puzzle solved, but the ultimate success was to ‘Escape the Room’!

Kayaking Relay Races with a twist

We bet you’ve never kayaked like this before! To add a challenging twist, our paddlers competed in races both blindfolded and backwards. Points were distributed based on the number of laps each team could complete. The faster you went, the more points you earned!

After all the stations were complete, we tallied the scores and shared the results. The winning teams won some great prizes, and everyone left with an epic team-building experience! A well-deserved drink was had by all after a fun filled day.

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