CMP Intensive March 10-11, 2017

Joanne Dennison’s
Meeting and Event Intensive Two Day Class

Friday & Saturday, March 10 & 11, 2017

Courtyard by Marriott Billerica/Bedford, MA

Learn how to be better at what you do ---and further your career

Earn Contact Hours for the

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)

Application or Recertification 

This intensive, extensive, interactive class utilizes the CMP – International Standards (effective for the CMP exam January 2012) as the base for the areas of learning.

Joanne is an educator. Because of that the first and foremost purpose of the class is about learning to be a better professional in the meeting and events industry (planner or supplier), and applying it when you go to work the next day. Yes, people have even taken the class who were not sitting for the exam just for the learning experience!

For many attendees it is also about “getting” a grasp on the material in a strategic, situational and conceptual way to pass the CMP exam. The exam is no longer about memorization. It is about thinking, planning and acting strategically. The questions are no longer definition based, but situation based (“You are at your meeting and….”). The topics that are covered are emphasized according to importance and relevancy to the CMP-International Standards and the proportion to how they are used in the exam. There is also a “Pay Once, Take Twice” policy where you can come the first time to get you on your way for preparing, and then a second time closer to when you take the exam.

Joanne shares information that is not on the exam….but she feels that you should know and can use. She also does share study tips and test taking tips for those who are preparing for the exam. Some of the tips also count in “real life”. Participants also share their experiences as part of the learning.  

Joanne has taught her three-day class more than 25 times since 2000 .She has also taught other sessions both for her own company and for many organizations such as MPI, RCMA, and Smart Meetings Magazine. Classes have been held throughout the US along with Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Thailand and China. She is also an educator at many industry meetings and in corporate organizations.

Joanne passed the exam in 1996 and has re-certified three times, most recently in 2016. She also has attended the CMP Conclave multiple times to learn the most up-to-date information about the CMP program most recently in Sept. 2016.

By registering for this class you also receive two free “Guiding” sessions, each lasting approximately 1 ½ hours. These can be used for many things including help in determining “What’s Next?” in your career. . For more information please contact the instructor: Joanne Dennison, CMP atJoanne@joannedennison.comor at (732) 672-1134.