Why join the membership committee?

The focus of the membership committee is two-fold; member care and recruitment. Our volunteers focus on connecting with our current members to ensure they are maximizing their membership dollars and achieving an ROTI; return on time invested. In addition to these outreach and retention efforts our volunteers are actively encouraging local meeting and event industry professionals and partners to join MPI New England so as to increase the professional, education and business opportunities available to all of our members. The membership committee is in charge of disseminating incentive information from global, recognizing and rewarding active members for their contributions and creating meaningful touch points for all members, new and veteran alike, through their life cycle with  the chapter. Being involved on a committee is the best way to get to know fellow members and the first step in maximizing the value of your membership. We are here to find you the right place to utilize your time and talents so you can begin to reap the benefits of your involvement. For membership questions and additional information please contact our VP of Membership, Elizabeth Panciera, Director of Member Care, Nancy Lorusso, or Director of Recruitment, Denise Banach.


Why join the Education Committee?
Our committee is responsible for planning 6 monthly educational programs  year. We partner with the best venues, and the most exciting speakers who are entertaining but who will deliver strong educational content that will interest our planner and supplier members alike. If you have an interest in producing meetings with a WOW educational factor we want you on our committee.


Why join the Marcom (Marketing & Communications) committee?
The Marcom committee is responsible for communicating to our membership.  We manage the chapter website, produce Meetings, our quarterly e-magazine,  and our Annual Membership Directory, all of which provide information about upcoming events, interviews and profiles of our members, and the latest developments in the meetings industry.  In addition, we help keep the community connected by managing the chapter's public relations efforts and social media channels - Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  All of these are integral communication tools for our membership - and our advertisers and sponsors, whose products and services we help showcase.  By getting involved with the Marcom committee, you will get unparalleled access to the movers and shakers in our industry.  Contact Janet Lincoln, VP of Marcom.


Why join the Special Events Committee?
Being involved in a committee is a great way to get to know other MPI members and get more out of your membership. On the Special Events Committee, we get to plan great networking events such as the Holiday Party, Annual Meeting, and Summer Industry Outing.  We also drive MPI/NE's CSR efforts.  Contact
Kristen Franco, Director of Special Events.


Why join the Institutes Committee?
The Institutes committee is responsible for planning and executing the largest MPI New England event of the year! With 1.5 days of thought provoking breakouts, an evening networking event to remember, and a CSR component, this event is the one not to miss! We recruit speakers who are industry leaders on topics that are most current in the meetings industry today, leading to an invaluable educational experience.  This is your chance to be a part of a fantastic project which opens up the opportunity to build connections in the industry you wouldn’t have otherwise.  For more information please contact, Michele Maguire, VP of Institutes