Event Registration Policy

Event Registration Policy

Registration Policy Updates



Non-Members will no longer have the option to defer payment, via check or credit card, until during or after the event. Non-Members must present a credit card during pre-registration. The ability to defer payment is considered a member benefit.



Check payments made by members must be received prior to the event or no later than the day of the event, if delivered in-person. If we have not received your check, by the event date, you will be required to offer a credit card number during on-site registration.


Member Numbers

Please remember your Member Number is owned solely by you and cannot be shared with others so that they may obtain your member benefits.   During pre-registration, your Member Number should only be entered once to obtain the Member Rate.  MPI does not offer a “Company Membership”. If a colleague within your company is a member that means that person solely owns that membership. Their member benefits cannot be used by another colleague within your company.  If your Member Number is entered more than once during registration you will be contacted to update the registration fee amounts for all those under your Member Number.


If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact our Chapter Administrator, Vanessa Thompson at vthompson@mpiweb.org.