2017 May Event Recap

"Instant Replay"

Close to 100 planners and suppliers soldiered on through Route 128 rush hour traffic to attend last night's panel discussion at the Misselwood Center at Endicott College in Beverly.

The panel discussion, moderated by Molly Hudson, (MPI/NE's president elect), began with both planners and suppliers addressing the RFP process - are they always necessary, what should be involved, how detailed should a supplier's response be. The discussion quickly moved on to what would become the core of the evening's conversation - the importance of candid and open communication between the planner and the supplier. Both suppliers and planners stressed the importance of having the key components of the contract be acknowledged and addressed early in the process. What are the "must haves" from the planner's perspective and what can the supplier reasonably provide. 

Both planners and suppliers agreed that developing a relationship is key to successful negations and that 
having developed those relationships as MPI members greatly facilitated working together. All of the panelists were in agreement that they felt much more comfortable when they knew they were working with a fellow MPI member.

The Misselwood at Endicott College proved to be a gracious host as Route 128 travelers relaxed from the commuting tensions with delicious hors d'oeuvres, wine and beer. Did you get to taste the shrimp scampi? Fabulous! Not to mention the goat cheese and pear puffs!

We're sorry that you couldn't make it to last night's event as it clearly demonstrated the value of your MPI membership to your professional careers and the power of "buy MPI." We hope that we'll see you at the Annual Awards dinner on June 29th at the Park Plaza.

We thank all of the panelists who made for last night's productive and valuable conversation.
Molly Hudson—The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at HMS
Jennifer Ashburn—VDA Productions
Nancy D’Ercole—Bright Horizon’s Children’s Centers LLC
Sarah Hamilton—Current, powered by GE
Jessica Hughes—Unbridled Solutions 
Melody Moore—Boston Convention Marketing Center
Patrick Sullivan—Starwood Legacy Hotels

And lastly, kudos to the co-chairs for last night's event Katrina Holmstedt and Catherine Leiras, they produced a memorable evening.

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