2016 October

You missed a great educational event.

Security expert Mark Herrera held the riveted attention of a robust group of planners and suppliers last night at the Holiday Inn of Brookline as he talked about situational awareness, how to think about event security and plan for the unexpected.

Mr. Herrera, who has trained over 3000 airline pilots for the Department of Homeland Security, talked about the cues to look for in being aware of our environment and how to train ourselves to be aware of the unusual. He encouraged us to actively think about what types of activities could disrupt our events and to plan three ways to counter that activity.

He encouraged us to raise the issue of venue and event security with our management and have a policy in place.

It was a great event and we're sorry we missed you and hope to see you at the Educational Institute on Nov. 21-22 in Newport, RI.

Speaker Mark Herrera 

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Photos by David Fox Photographer